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The Alpaca Boutique at Ahwatukee Commons Veteranary Hospital 4902 E. Warner Rd #14, Phoenix AZ 85044

Tempe Yarn (Roving and Yarn only): 1415 E. University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

Adventures in Stained Glass: 413 N. Florence St, Casa Grande, AZ 85122

More Online alpaca products: Alpacatukee.com

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Alpaca fleece was once called the fiber of the gods by the ancient Inca. Pound for pound it is four times warmer than sheep’s wool, without the “itch” commonly associated with wool.

All our alpaca roving is from Arizona alpacas and processed right here on the farm. We divide it into four grades:

“Royal Baby” (20 microns or less): This is the finest and softest fleece. At this level it is commonly compared to cashmere.

“Baby” (20-22.9 microns): Luxuriously soft fleece. Excellent for use in finished garments meant to be worn next to the skin.

“Superfine” (23-27 microns): A good all around fiber. Not quite as soft as baby, but still fairly comfortable for all but those with the most sensitive skin.

“Adult” (greater than 27 microns): A strong, inexpensive fiber good for decorative Items that will get a lot of wear and tear such as rugs.




“ Who wants to have a little fiber fun? We took two ounces of what ever struck our fancy at the moment and created these one of a kind batts (seriously, we could not repeat them if we tried). Each batt measures approximately 12 inches by 36 inches. We have done the best we can to remove excess vegetative matter from the fleeces but there will still be some small bits of grass in the batt. Batts are ideal for small felting projects, or spinning into unique artsy yarns.


Kicking back on the hammock, ice cold lemonade in hand, the sound of children playing by the pool. That is what this batt brings to mind. 100% alpaca



Price $12


Patriotic Turkey A little blue, a little white, a little.. well, kind of rust colored. 100% alpaca





Fried Green Tomatoes A little of this, a little of that and a lot of Fun!. 100% alpaca



Price $12


Beginners drop spindle Many people express an interest in learning to spin, but the cost of a spinning wheel can be prohibitive. A drop spindle can be a nice economical way to begin. This sturdy, top whorl, spindles are ideal for spinning heavier yarn.



Price $6


Beginners drop spindle kit Kit includes one sturdy, top whorl drop spindle and one ounce of alpaca fleece (color will vary, but if you have a specific request, we will try to be as accommodating as possible)



Price $12


SOCKS: We pooled our fleece with two other Arizona farms and sent it off to a mill in Michigan so these socks are 100% made in the U.S.A.! (we’re doing our part to help the economy)
All styles are 70% alpaca, 30% nylon making these socks warm, durable and easy to care for. Socks can be machine washed, but for the longest life of the sock, we recommend hand washing, air dry.




Hiking Socks: These are a heavy, terry sock, so make sure you have room in your boots for them! They are designed for the extreme outdoor enthusiast. They provide plenty of cushion for those long treks in the country side or just padding around the house.







Crew socks: Your feet will thank you at the end of the day when you have them wrapped in alpaca. These light versatile socks will keep your feet warm in the winter and help wick sweat away in the summer. These socks are made right here in the USA from AZ grown alpaca fleece. Crew socks reach to mid calf. By far our most popular style. .





HAND-WOVEN SCARVES AND SHAWLS: We reserved our finest fleeces for this project. Each scarf is lovingly hand-woven from 100% royal baby alpaca. These heirloom quailty, one of kind items would make a perfect gift that special someone in your life. Or save this luxery for yourself! Brave the next polar vortex wrapped in the warmest alpaca fiber.
All styles are 100% royal baby alpaca. Product of the U.S.A. Hand wash or dry clean, air dry.


Royal Baby Alpaca Scarf Approx 6"x 44" (excluding fringe). Hand-woven.



Price SOLD


Royal Baby Alpaca Scarf approx 6"x 69" (excluding fringe). Hand-woven.



Price $65


Royal Baby Alpaca Scarf approx 6"x 60" (excluding fringe). Hand-woven.



Price $65


Royal Baby Shawl Approx 22"x 68" (excluding fringe). Hand-woven



Price SOLD


MORE HAND CRAFTED SCARVES AND SHAWLS: Hand made right here on the farm.
Product of the U.S.A. Hand wash or dry clean, air dry.


Nuno Scarf Approx 8"x 56". A blend of suri and huacaya alpaca felted over a silk base.



Price SOLD


Nuno Scarf SOLD



Price SOLD


Nuno Scarf approx 5"x 72". Alpaca felted to a mesh base.



Price SOLD


Drop Stich Alpaca Scarf The open style of this scarf makes it perfect for mild spring nights when you want a little unique style without being overly hot.Made from 100% handspun alpaca yarn.



Price $24.99


MILL-SPUN YARN: Ready to knit your own toasty warm alpaca scarf? Well we have all the yarn you need. Our skeins are big enough to complete your project without all those annoying splices. The fleece is 100% Arzona grown and the yarn is spun right here in the U.S.A.


Alpaca Yarn Sport weight yarn, graded superfine. 100% alpaca. 4 oz skeins, approximatley 325 yards



Price $28


Alpaca Yarn Sport weight yarn, graded superfine. 80% alpaca, 20% merino wool. 4 oz skeins, approximatley 325 yards.



Price $28


Alpaca Yarn Sport weight yarn, graded superfine. 90% alpaca, 10% merino wool. 4 oz skeins, approximatley 325 yards



Price $28


GLOVES AND MITTENS: Imported from Peru.
Hand wash or dry clean, air dry.


100% alpaca glovesAssorted all natural colors. Color combinations will vary with each pair and are descibed by the main color.



Price $15



100% alpaca mittensAssorted all natural colors. Color combinations will vary with each pair and are descibed by the main color used



Price $15



Alpaca blend fingerless gloves 50% alpaca 50% acrylic fingerless gloves in assorted colors. Color combinations will vary with each pair and are descibed by the main color used.



Price $12



Double knit alpaca blend gloves 50% alpaca, 50% acrylic.



Price $12



Glittens Half glove, half mitten, it's a glitten! 100% alpaca.



Price $15